What’s brewing in Mysore?

Ashwin Rajendra Shetty spills the beans on how to make a standard aeropress and iced matcha.

Most Mysore mornings begin with yoga, followed by coconut water, breakfast and coffee at around 11 am. Yes, we know coffee is tamasic, and yogis shouldn’t drink stimulating beverages but this is Mysore — everything, including coffee, has a sattvic avatar. Ashwin Rajendra Shetty’s Minimal coffee offers caffeine-lovers their favorite brews albeit with a sattvic twist. There’s soy and almond milk versions for the vegans, there’s hot chocolate for the non-caffeine practitioners, and if you still love a shot of caffeine-packed espresso, that’s available, too. So if you love black coffee or prefer cold matcha, listed below are recipes for both:

Standard Aeropress


Coffee: 15gms
Grind Size: Setting three or four clicks on hand grinder (medium grind)
Water: 225ml at 92 degrees celsius
Water-to-coffee ratio: 17:1
Brew time: 1:45 mins


Begin with an aeropress in the standard position on a decanter or mug and a washed, paper filter in place. Add the coffee to the aeropress, start the timer and immediately top with the water. Stir north-to-south five times and east-to-west five times, and cap with plunger. After a minute, uncap the aeropress and stir again. Recap and press slowly for 45 seconds.

The point of this method is to brew the coffee as quickly as possible. If the plunging is too easy, make the grind finer until you feel that pressing lightly would take 45 seconds.

Iced Matcha


Matcha powder: 3 gms
Hot water: 30 ml
Milk: 150 ml (can be substituted with soy milk)
Ice cubes


In a bowl, whisk matcha powder with the hot water. Prepare a glass with ice cubes and the milk. Pour the whisked matcha on the ice and milk.

Location: Minimal, Mysore

January 18, 2020
Photos Simon Meier

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